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Alyssa Milano Stillness Community
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Welcome to alyssa_stills, an non-animated icon contest community based on Alyssa Milano. Each week I (blondieblueyes) will post a new picture of Alyssa. Your job is to create an icon out of it.

Credit goes to quebelly for starting the stillness movement.
Banner maker:rainyendings


[1]Icons cannot be animated! It defeats the whole point of a "stillness" community.
[2]You cannot post your icon anywhere or use it until voting is over.
[3]No cheating. This includes voting for yourself or telling a friend/fellow member to vote for your icon.
[4]All submissions must meet LJ size standards (100x100 MAX; 40k)
[5]Do not take any of the icons submitted by other people without their permission.

NOTE:We are the only people with posting access. DO NOT ask us for access!!!

Posting Entries

[1]Make sure you followed the rules.
[2]I will make a post that says "Post your icons here" or somewhere along those lines. Reply to this post with your contest entry. Comments will be screened, so only I can see them.
[3]Use a host that allows remote linking. I personally like photobucket. Angelfire/Tripod/Geocities won't work
[4]When you post your entry, you should include the img src and the URL. Your entry should look like this:



[1]On Friday a new image will be posted.
[2]The following Friday entries will be due by 12 midnight EST
[3]Saturday the voting will begin.
[4]Sunday the winners will be announced


I will make a post with all the contest entries. You will reply to that post in a comment by picking the 3 you like the best.
Voting replies should look like this:icon#, icon#, icon#
Note:Voting rules are subject to change depending on the number of entries we receive.

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